The death of humility

When did we, as individuals, as a society, a world as a whole, lose our spirit of curiosity about each other and the world? At what point did we lose our sense of open investigation; our ability to ask each other “why” and simply accept the answers we receive instead of blindly reviling and berating those with differing points of view? Can anyone pinpoint what year we laid our collective humility to rest? Apparently, I missed the funeral. Has it always been this way and I am just noticing more as I mature and grow as a person?

I have always tried to live my life as a man who understands that no two people are having the exact same experience on this planet at any given time and that is completely okay. As a military brat, I was raised in several different states and two different countries. As a currently serving member of the US Military, I have traveled to many more states and countries. I feel as though these experiences have blessed me with the opportunity to witness all walks of life and immerse myself in many different cultures. It has helped me break free of the chains of single-mindedness and ultimate self-importance. It forced me to realize that others, and their opinions/beliefs exist in this world and those opinions/beliefs are just as important as my own. As opposed to getting upset when people I know tell me about their differing ideas or beliefs, I take it as an opportunity to not feel sorry for them or explain to them why they are wrong, but to simply expand my knowledge base of the world and truly appreciate the complexity of our existence at large. Isn’t that how we should ALL approach life?

Now I do understand that some aspects of our life are more inflammatory than others. But do they really need to be? Or are we needlessly shooting ourselves in the foot on these topics? Let’s say politics for instance, or religion. The two fierce juggernauts of civil instability. The former designed to guarantee structured, peaceful living in a society, the latter providing us a road map to salvation, regardless of how that map is drawn or where the ultimate destination is. Both seeming to command factions of zealots within themselves bent on destabilization and ultimate control. Why? And to what end? Have we ever collectively asked that question? Why do we push so hard to get others to accept our ways of thinking instead of simply accepting that we’re all different?

Why should one group believe itself any more important than the rest? In terms of religion, why should any one group attempt to push their beliefs on any other group, ultimately believing that their beliefs are the only correct ones? Did not the founders of most spiritualties preach tolerance and acceptance? What, minus the religious texts, says your God is any better than anyone else’s? People say that, people are the perpetrators of religious persecution. So just stop it. We can stop it. What about political party affiliation? Why do we feel the need to slap party labels on each other, guaranteeing derision and, in the case of current times rioting and sedition against the system? Can we not just demonetize the process of political campaigning and allow anyone with the abilities and ideas to openly campaign, with a fair chance, without having to vie for the acceptance of an outdated political party? Once that party gains power, can we not just sit back, accept the situation and move forward embracing the new direction the country will be taking. I am in no way saying don’t voice your opinion but when that opinion drives people to madness and domestic terrorism, should that not be a cause for concern within humanity itself? It’s fuckin upsetting.

Instead of costing ourselves billions of dollars annually on riots and violence on top of the emotional instability resulting from said riots and violence, can we not all just come together as a human race, soul search on our biases and realize we’re all in this together so we should focus more on working with each other instead of against? I know this is idealistic thinking, but, once again, should it be? What’s stopping us from just accepting each others’ differences and loving each other in spite of our differences? The truth is, we are stopping it. So the simple answer is: QUIT IT!

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