There resides in the fiber of my being a powerful alien force, in my blood, existent in the very nature of who I am.

A ravenous parasitic ally

Let's call him Pyralis

Pyralis loves me and wants nothing more than to protect me in times of emotional hardship, trauma.

We've built a special bond, Pyralis and I

I seek his counsel often

What Pyralis doesn't understand is, in my times of need, he often and unequivocally aggravates my thinking to nearly incoherent levels of jumbled and inexplicably directed anger in otherwise mundane situations. He rewards my compliance with healthy doses of adrenaline. It's comforting. That's all we've known for decades. It works for us.

I love him

I hate him

He has advised me often to lash out undeservedly at those close to me. In these times he reassures me that my actions are just. I blindly and wholeheartedly trust him.

I've grown to realize he's turning his back

He's poisoning my life

I so desperately want our partnership to be a healthy one, I know I need him. We coexist on a fragile tightrope. Pyralis is my well intentioned friend, ready to go to war at the first sign of any misperceived injustice, my protector. He habitually oversteps the bounds of a comfortable agreement betwixt us. Reaching a rightful symbiosis, a profound and righteous treaty, we will gain emotional equilibrium. Pyralis will quell.

My sanity requires it

My life depends on it

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