My Family

It's possible that those close to me will think this maybe a little odd but today im thankful for my parents.

I found myself solitarily walking about 2 miles this morning down a dirt road surrounded on either side by wide expanses of open field. My mind began to wander, as it often does in situations like that. I found myself thinking about the society we live in and the blind hatred some people have for others based simply on skin color or gender or sexual preference or some other idiotic reason to loathe another human being. I had recently listened to a Dharma Talk in which the speaker, Andrea Fella, touched on the conditioning that "evil" people go through in their lives and how they are essentially programmed from early on to hate, even if they don't understand why. It really breaks my heart.

So im thankful for my parents today because, although there were difficulties in my childhood, I was raised in a household which taught me that people are different, unique and beautiful in their own rights and cultures and we shouldn't judge them negatively simply because they may be different.

I'm thankful for my father because, despite his shortcomings (those shortcomings based on my perceptions mind you) he did his damn best to raise my brother and I despite his own negative programming. I can assume now that a lot of the friction my father and I had when I was younger was thanks to both my stubbornness and some pretty heavy issues he had to work through. Im thankful that I'm old enough now to understand that, although I swore for years of my childhood that he didn't love me, he always has. He just might not have known how to express it. Im thankful for my father.

I'm thankful for my mother. I feel I have a pretty estranged relationship with my parents, thanks partly to the gypsy lifestyle I live and partly to a lack of effort on my part, but my mom has still always been my greatest champion. There's an unbreakable bond you always hear spoken of about a mothers love and I can tell you it feels pretty true to me. Regardless of the amount of time I spend not communicating with her she still has that love for me whenever I see her. Through all the times in my life that I've crapped on her with my drinking (they came to visit me at Bragg and I would rush them to their hotel so I could get tanked) she possesses this almost godlike ability to forgive. Im thankful for my mother

While there are MANY reasons I am thankful for my parents, I feel like listing them here individually would take me longer than I want this post to be. Mainly I'm thankful that my parents were level headed enough to teach us to be functional members of a global society and not ignorant, drooling, hatred filled and misdirected people.

I'm thankful for my parents.

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