Change of Mission (two short years to a monumental life change)

I assume by now that most people who follow this blog either know for a fact or have at least generally intuited that I am a uniformed member of the U.S. Military. I joined the #Army in January of 2000 and have embarked, thus far, on a journey spanning two decades. The only time I "took a knee" so to speak was a brief two year hiatus in the mid 2000's as I didn't believe this was the career path I was meant to walk. I learned quickly through a series of missteps and falling f

Unplugging (again 😬)

Warning, I'm sure this road ahead will be fraught with deep cliche potholes and dangerous, curvy tired social adage turns but I feel I want to express this. Also, I'll just add ahead of time that the irony of me sharing this to Facebook and #LinkedIn is not lost on me by any means. AJ and I finally got around to watching #TheSocialDilemma on #Netflix today. Wow! Do you know that feeling of knowing deep down that something you're doing may not be the healthiest thing, may not